Our Burden & Hope

There are some who claim that we live in a ‘post-racial’ society. Yet, when we pay close attention and think critically, we can clearly see the structures in our society, the words and actions of people, and the thoughts that come to our own minds often tell a different story. 

Modern science has proven the myth of various ‘races’, accurately concluding we have all descended from a common ancestor. Yet the social construct of ‘race’ continues to shape our world. Our DNA is 99.9% exactly the same, and yet the 0.1% is incredibly powerful.

Amidst a diverse, dynamic, and beautiful world, there is still much division. What if this 0.1% didn’t divide us and become the sticking point of exclusion, injustice, and war? What if instead it was the catalyst to dynamic and creative interaction, production, and love?

The hidden forces of race and culture must be revealed for us to form a better way. To this end the Lenses Institute trains and equips leaders. Our hope and burden is that the diverse people of the world would live in the truth: that we are meant to be together.