The Lenses Institute seeks to help participants tackle the challenges of seeing, loving, and serving people. We have all been hand-crafted in different shapes, colors, sizes, genders, and with a multitude of cultures and ethnicities. Some think ‘colorblindness’ is the way to create equality and partnership across these differences. We humbly, and wholeheartedly, disagree. Our goal is not to be ‘colorblind’ but instead, to see the beauty and the strategic effectiveness of diversity. In order to do this, we must learn to celebrate, embrace, and learn from the experience of one another.

The Lenses Institute provides three platforms to pursue this goal. In no particular order, the first is designed for church and parachurch leaders. The second is designed for leaders in the public square: business, academia, the arts, non-profit, sport, medicine, civic services, etc. The third is a consulting platform, tailored to fit a particular group’s or organization’s needs and goals. Please click the links above for detailed information about each platform.