Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a Cru staff member. Can I take part in a Lenses Institute?
Yes! At this time, there are two Institutes open to those not employed by Cru. You may register for the Institute taking place in Phoenix or Atlanta. Both take place in the Spring of 2019.

Is there a deposit and/or cancellation fee?
A $200 deposit will be charged at the time of registration. Each Lenses Institute is comprised of a small cohort of staff, so the number attending is important. If someone must cancel a registration, that person will forfeit the $200 registration deposit. However, if a staff member cancels, but "replaces" him or herself with another registrant for that Institute, the deposit will be refunded. Emergencies affecting attendance will be taken into consideration.

Is there a dress code?
YES. The dress code is "smart business casual" (Google term for examples). No sweats or warm-up suits. No shorts. No pants with holes. No baseball caps. No sports gear. A pair of good walking shoes is recommended for one day. If desired, you can bring workout gear to utilize during your breaks.

Can I bring my child? Is childcare provided?
The Lenses Institute employs a learning environment and schedule suitable for adults only. Please arrange for your children to be cared for while you are away at the Institute.

What information will I receive after I register? 
Your Institute city host will email you a Welcome Letter that will be similar to this sample.

What is the max capacity of the Institute?
In this season of the Institute we are migrating from a max capacity of 25 participants to a new max capacity of 50 participants. The Institute employs an intentional learning environment that leans heavily on having a cross-section of life and ministry experience. Because of this we value each cohort to be divisionally diverse. As a result, we request only 10 people per Cru division register for any one Institute.

***If you are a local or divisional leader: Please consider the full Institute calendar, as there are now six different Institutes throughout the year for participation. Please do not register more than 10 staff from your team or division for any one Institute.

What does the curriculum consist of? How is the Institute unique?
The Institute utilizes a mixed-media curriculum including group activities, lecture, film, reading, live experience, group discussion, personal reflection, and practical life application. While there are staple curriculum elements that are consistent for all Institutes, each Institute also employs the uniqueness of its location, which includes historical context, live experiences, and partners. The Institute covers all learning styles and is designed to educate our minds, transform our hearts, and equip our hands, ultimately helping us become more effective cross-cultural learners and ministers of the gospel.

Believing that all truth is God's truth, the Institute utilizes Biblical, academic, and artistic resources in its curriculum. All we do at the Institute revolves around the Holy Scriptures, the Christian God-Head, and the gospel of reconciliation.

Who is leading the Institutes?
Each Institute is hosted and facilitated by a number of Cru staff from across the organization who serve with the Lenses Leadership Group. However, the gemstone of each Institute is the involvement of our dear local partners. Our local partners consist of seasoned pastors, leaders, practitioners, and educators, both women and men, from an array of various ethnicities, cultures, and generations. Their expertise, leadership, and service are essential to the success of each Institute.

What should I expect?
You can expect to be cared for, ministered to, and encouraged as a person and minister. You can expect to be encouraged and challenged to embrace an intentional growth process. You can expect to see culture and ethnicity displayed from the Scriptures. You can expect to see things you've likely never seen before, understand things you've likely never understood before, and be equipped and encouraged to act in ways you've likely never acted before. You can expect to experience all of this together in a community that is committed to Christ and the hope of His gospel.

Am I allowed to visit a friend/family member/etc. in the locale during the Institute?
Each cohort member is expected to participate in the entirety of the Institute. For your own benefit, and that of your cohort, please plan to be fully present for the five days we are together. There will be no time for other meetings or events during the week.

Where will I be staying during the Institute?
Housing for the cohort varies based on location. Each location has secured adequate, clean, and functional housing for the needs of the cohort. A local host will contact you after you register. If you have any special needs or concerns please contact your local host.

I have dietary needs. What should I do?
There is nothing worse than an upset stomach or an allergic reaction during an intensive training! Your local host will contact each member of the cohort after registration is completed. If you have dietary needs, please contact your local host so that we can best serve you.

What happens after the Institute is completed?
As part of the Institute curriculum, each cohort member, in response to what they learn at the Institute, will design a personalized plan for practical next steps in their growth process. The Institute was never designed to be an end in itself, but rather a means by which we are trained and equipped for a life-long journey of movement towards Oneness in the way we see, understand, and act.

I serve at a campus very near one of the Lenses Institute locations. To save money, could I commute between home and the Institute?
Because community is a very intentional part of each Institute, commuting is not an option. Community, and learning in community is part of the learning experience of the Lenses Institute. After taking part in the Institute, those who have also asked this question have given strong feedback to the value of staying with their Lenses cohort during the Institute. 

I live in a city that is hosting a Lenses Institute. Can I commute from home?
We attempt to be intentional throughout each Lenses Institute to contribute to participants' engagement and continuing each of our development. Community is an essential element of what takes place during each Lenses Institute. Thus, commuting is not an option.

I live sort of close to a city that's hosting a Lenses Institute. How much will I save if I stay with a friend and drive in every day?
Because intentional community is an essential element of what takes place during each Lenses Institute, commuting is not an option. The cost of attending every Lenses Institute, regardless of the location, is $900.

I live a flight away from every city that's hosting a Lenses Institute. I saw somewhere that the cost varied depending on the city. What's the cost of attending in each city? 
The policy of charging slightly less or slightly more depending on the location was changed to a standard cost to ensure financial obligations are met and limit confusion. The cost to attending any Lenses Institute, regardless of the location, is $900.

What is the cost to attend the Institute?
While the learning and experience you will gain is invaluable, the monetary cost is $900 per person.