The Lenses Institute is a five-day intensive training that aims to help the Church fight for Oneness by influencing the way Christian leaders see, understand, and act in our ethnically and culturally diverse world.

Through a mixed-media curriculum, we address the intellect, heart, and hands, with a desired goal that all of our cohort members experience personal and corporate transformation. During the Institute we consider a Biblical picture of unified diversity, or Oneness, in the kingdom of God. We consider Jesus’ life and ministry across cultures. We consider our own "lenses" or way we seeing, understanding, and acting in our world; "lenses" that are shaped by our own ethnic identity, cultural context, family background, national history, and personal experiences. We consider how these "lenses" shape the way we think about and minister to the various people in our homes, our churches, our communities, and the world.

The Institute seeks to help us tackle the challenges of seeing, loving, and serving people the way God does. Our goal is not to be “colorblind”, but rather, to see the beauty of God in the diversity of His people while celebrating and learning from the experience of others.

While the Lenses Institute is a training, it is also a movement. The Institute is a made up of a collective "WE." The "WE" includes the Lenses Leadership Group, all of our local partners, cultural guides, expert practitioners, and all ministry leaders that have completed the Institute. As co-learners and co-laborers "WE" trumpet God's vision for Oneness.

Ultimately, the Lenses Institute helps leaders to See, Understand, and Act.