Utilizing a mixed - media learning educational environment addressing all learning styles, the Lenses Institute develops its learning model with three aims that are essential to any lasting personal and corporate change.


Each cohort member will have the opportunity to see the "lenses" through which they view the world, see through the "lenses" of people different from themselves, and see culture and ethnicity clearly displayed in the Bible.


As cohort members see and examine their "lenses" they will seek to understand how their "lenses" have been shaped by their culture, ethnicity, family, environment, and experiences. They will also begin to understand how historical and present day injustices affect us all.


James calls us to be doers of the Word (James 1:22). Seeing and understanding must lead to new actions. Each cohort member will leave the Institute with a personalized plan to begin enacting change in their own lives, families, churches, ministries, and communities.