A Cry of Hope, A Call to Action

By Dr. Charles Gilmer


There is a movement taking place in the hearts, souls, and minds of people of color in the body of Christ. It is not just in palatial suburban mega-churches and inner-city ministries; it’s in institutions of higher learning. A leading expert in ethnically focused ministry for over 15 years, Charles Gilmer chronicles his early beginnings, from organizing a small para-church group at a historically black university to establishing a movement of evangelism and discipleship that impacts thousands of college students around the world. Gilmer uses his own mistakes and successes to explain why racial reconciliation has not been effective; how to nurture and develop emerging ministerial leaders that can cross cultural and racial lines; and how to develop effective leaders that are spiritually focused, financially responsible, and morally fit. These biblical principles and insights dispel the myths and misconceptions of ministerial diversity and offer a blueprint for effective evangelism.